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Diesel horloges

Each Diesel watch has a character of its own. These rugged and singular watches are made for people living a carefree lifestyle without fear. The watches are distinctive, bold and timeless. Diesel is more than just a brand, Diesel is a lifestyle.

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The history of Diesel watches

In 1978 the Diesel company was founded by the Italian Renzo Rosso. He worked for The Genius Group, a garment factory. Renzo bought 40% shares of the company and the name was changed to Diesel. All over the world this word means the same thing: energy. This was exactly what he wanted to exude with the Diesel brand. Renzo Rosso made sure his dreams, passion for denim, a little bit of rock 'n roll, a dose of science fiction and a good dash of humor came together. Diesel got its identity. Rosso discovered that fashion is more than just making clothes, it is about creating a whole new universe.

Since 1985 the company is completely owned by Renzo Rosso and has become a well-known fashion brand with its own character. Nowadays Diesel is part of the youth culture all over the world. The philosophy has remained the same from the start; a brand that stands for passion, individuality and self-expression.

Diesel also collaborates with other big companies. By partnering with Marcolin Diesel enetered the eyewear market, the Diesel fragrances arose through collaboration with L'Oréal, helmets AGV, headphones by Monster, bicycles Pinarello, buggies with Bugaboo and a home collection with Foscarini, Moroso, Zucchi, Seletti and Scavolini.

Renzo Rosso

Renzo Rosso, founder of Diesel, was born in 1955 in Padua, ​​a town in northern Italy. When he was young he found a apir of extravagant looking trousers by his mother's sewing machine. These he put on, and his friends were so enthusiastic that they also wanted one. This is the beginning of Renzo's interest in clothes.

In 1975 he began to make his own clothes, after he graduated from the textile processing industrial school and in 1978 he joined the Genius Group, which marks the start of the Diesel brand.

Renzo's life philosophy is: "Diesel is not my company, it's my life."

Diesel Watches

Diesel watches are primarily aimed at young people who create their own lifestyle. The watches are unique in that they do not follow trends, but give the wearer the ability to express their own identity. Diesel watches make use of new styles, refreshing materials (such as denim) and production methods.

Other things Diesel does

Outside the world of fashion, Diesel does even more. They support new creative talents, possess 105-hectare farm and a large- hotel (Pelican Hotel) and they have even produced a cool urban bike in November 2010.

Our Diesel watch collection

Our Diesel watch collection consists mainly of men's watches, but we also have some ladies watches in the collection. The watches are big and tough. There are watches that are a little more subdued and casual. Whatever the style, it's up to the wearer to make it his or her own.

Each Diesel collection begins with an inspiring journey. The creative team will visit all corners of the world looking for all sorts of sources of inspiration; antique, modern, futuristic and so on. This journey is reflected in the collection of watches.

Buy a Diesel watch online

Our Diesel collection contains over 75 different models. Do you wish to refine your search? Use the search filters at the top of this page to filter by colour, material and price range. Or visit our Watch Finder to view more watches matching your criteria.

Horloge.be officieel dealer Diesel horloges

Horloge.be is officieel verkooppunt van Diesel horloges, Horloge.be verkoopt daarom uitsluitend originele Diesel horloges, met volledige garantie van het horlogemerk zelf. Alle Diesel horloges op Horloge.be worden verzonden uit eigen voorraad, je bestelde horloge wordt op werkdagen verzonden. Diesel horloges variëren in prijs van € 99,- tot € 429,-.

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